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Walpole Visiting Nurses
Walpole, MA
Phone: 508-668-1066


Elaine Stephens

Elaine Stephens at Walpole Visiting Nurses

Starting in 1909 with $500.00 from the Walpole Women's Club, Mrs. Emma Newcomb was hired as the first nurse for WAVNA. She traveled throughout town on foot, bicycle or on the trolley. One night in 1913, with no doctor available, she delivered three babies on her own. That year she made 1,024 house calls and in 2015 WAVNA made close to 30,000 home care visits in the 25 towns we now serve. In addition to nursing care, services were provided by physical, occupational, and speech therapists, social workers, dieticians, maternal child health nurses and wound specialty nurses. WAVNA has kept pace with advancements in technology as well and in June of this year introduced an advanced cardiac-pulmonary health program which includes telehealth that wirelessly transmits patient's key health data to their health care team including the physician.