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Solex Payroll Systems
Stoughton, MA
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Steve Smith

Steve Smith at Solex Payroll Systems

Solex Payroll Systems is the next generation payroll approach, powered by Payroll Associates, a national leader in the payroll software industry, with nearly 125,000 business clients processed on the platform.

Solex Payroll Systems is a fast moving versatile company that focuses on customer service and technical support. The company was started and is run by CPA's with over 50 years of payroll tax experience. Solex Payroll Systems has made significant up front investments in training and technology, so that you can be confident that your company's payroll will be prepared in an accurate, timely and professional manner.

Solex Payroll Systems offers clients something that has been distinctly lacking from the payroll world to dateā€¦ any size company has the ability to leverage a world class suite of business process outsourcing tools. From eliminating the hassle associated with payroll, record keeping and tax-filing issues, to providing tools for retaining and rewarding employees, we believe Solex Payroll Systems is simply a better choice. As you get to know us we think you'll agree that with the advent of Solex Payroll Systems your payroll choices have gotten better.

Solex, we'll take care of your paychecks